The Mission of The CAP Aviation Consulting Group (CAPACG) is support and development of aviation excellence through Continual Auditing Programs that ensure Continual Aviation Proficiency.

Corporate Overview
The CAP Aviation Consulting Group (CAPACG) was incorporated in June 2004. CAPACG was founded by three professional aviators, evaluators, and instructors in an effort to bring the successful training and auditing techniques used in the airline transport world to the general and business aviation community. CAPACG is successful due to its ability to leverage experience from a large pool of consultants with expertise to implement and deliver a superior product.

The objective of the CAP Aviation Consulting Group is to bridge the gap between commercial, military and general aviation to facilitate a smooth and effective transformation, utilizing tools already in place, such as Advance Qualification Programming (AQP), FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS), proven Human Factors (HF) methods, Flight Data Management or Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) programs and facilitation training techniques. With over 85 years of combined aviation experience in training, evaluating and auditing our group of IS-BAO auditors and FOQA experts have the knowledge and means to meet these new challenges.