Flight Data Management

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) is one component of a Safety Management System. According to the Flight Safety Foundation, FDM is an indispensable risk management tool that allows operators to identify threats and mitigate risks through flight data analysis.

Airlines that have established Flight Data Management or Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) programs have turned them into indispensable risk management tools. In fact, a Flight Safety Foundation study concluded that FOQA is one of the most powerful safety tools available. General aviation is primed to embrace the use of flight data to enhance safety. As FOQA becomes a reality in general aviation, The CAP Aviation Consulting Group has the personnel to assist organizations with the research, development and implementation of FOQA programs in general, corporate and business aviation. FOQA is a natural fit for CAP Aviation Consulting Group’s continual proficiency and auditing programs.

Benefits of Flight Data Monitoring
– Improve safety: Identification of hazards/risk mitigation
– Monitoring adherence to SOPs and AOM limitations
– Cost savings: Fuel and maintenance
– One component of a proactive safety management system
– Enhance training programs: Develop actual scenario-based events