FlyteAnalytics™ offers operators of advanced cockpit aircraft and legacy recorder equipped aircraft an alternative, robust and cost effective FDM solution. 

For Aircraft with advanced avionics, FlyteAnalytics™ requires no hardware or software acquisition, thereby reducing cost and easing implementation.

Additionally, for legacy aircraft, FlyteAnalytics™ is the perfect solution to perform the analysis of data collected from Light-Weight Aircraft Recorder Systems (LARS). These innovative “cloud-based” tools allow operators to improve maintenance, operations, safety and training and provide opportunities to improve economic efficiencies while enhancing visibility into all areas of your flight operations.


Please contact the FlyteAnalytics™ sales team for baseline pricing. We need to learn about your aircraft and fleet type to provide this information.

CAPACG Managed Programs

For large fleet operators, consideration is typically given to a CAPACG managed solution. For the CAPACG managed solution, CAPACG provides complete FDM services that takes clients from development phase, to the implementation phase and finally to the day-to-day operational phase.

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