Bruno T. Villela

Bruno Villela, system safety consultant for CAPACG joined the group in 2010.

His experience as a Brazilian Navy officer, helicopter pilot and system safety analyst bring valuable experience and expertise to CAPACG.

Bruno attended the Brazilian Navy Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he earned a Bachelor of Naval Science Degree with an electronic area of concentration in 1999.   After working for 18 months as the Navigation Officer in a frigate, he started flight training in 2002. As a pilot, he worked in the maintenance department of his operational squadron for three years, and was involved in accident investigations. Flying the Agusta-Westland Super Lynx, he has accumulated 550 flight hours, 150 of which under IFR. In 2007, he was the aviation safety officer in the Brazilian Navy Training Ship, which spent 6 months travelling around the world as the final instruction phase to the Brazilian Navy Midshipmen.

In 2011, he earned his Master of Science in Aeronautics degree with specializations in Safety Systems and Education Technology at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. While living in the US, he started voluntarily working on the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) effort, with emphasis in the work developed by the Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Working Group. After returning to Brazil, he has Co-Chaired the IHST Brazil Implementation Group. In addition to CAPACG, Bruno is actively involved in aviation safety prevention and accident investigations for the Brazilian Navy Aviation Directorate.