Larry D. McCarroll

The CEO of The CAP Aviation Consulting Group, Co-Founder Larry D. McCarroll, has been involved in aviation for over 40 years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Purdue University. He has spent the vast majority of his airline and general aviation career in the training and evaluating of fellow aviators. As a flight instructor in general aviation, to a chief pilot of a small regional airline, to a captain for a legacy carrier, he has never been too far for too long from the training and operational arena.  In addition to Larry’s involvement with The CAP Aviation Consulting Group, he maintains his position as captain with a legacy carrier.  Larry is type rated in the A330, B757/B767, DC9, BAC 1-11, LR-Jet, ND-262 and holds ATP, Commercial, Advanced Ground Instructor, Flight Engineer Turbojet, and Flight Instructor Multi-engine, Airplane, Helicopter and Instrument certificates

Additionally, in his distinguished career, he has served as an aircraft/simulator instructor, an aircrew check airman and instructor standards captain. Captain McCarroll served as a designated pilot examiner and international standards check airman. During his tenure, he facilitated training and courseware design in CRM (Crew Resource Management) and instructional skills development. A part of Larry’s career he is most proud of has been development and teaching of an advanced “Train the Trainer” course that provides the instructors additional tools to assure that learning can and has occurred. Procedural developments that have enhanced safety for the aviation community have been accredited to Captain McCarroll. He has also served his Airline Pilot’s association as Safety Co-Chair and facilitated the training, understanding and application of “Safety Management Systems”. Larry recently co-authored “Implementing Safety Management Systems in Aviation” with fellow aviation safety professionals. He has also served on the International Operations Committee of the ATA, a committee designed to enhance safety and efficiencies in the international theater of operations.

He is also a member of the AOPA Aviation Safety Institute, Flight Safety Foundation, HAI, NEMSPA, AHS, NAFI, EAA and NAA.

Larry’s passion for the training and evaluation of aviators was a catalyst for his initial development of The CAP Aviation Consulting Group. The concepts in training, safety and risk management he brings to CAPACG are unparalleled.  As CEO of CAP Aviation Consulting, Larry’s unique management style has allowed the corporation and his co-founders to explore many avenues in today dynamic aviation market.  The time proven methods of training and new innovative ideas that Larry introduces will further strengthen CAP’s position in the marketplace.